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Pearkim Pumpkinpie
Pearkim Pumpkinpie (Alfie)
new owners - Ian and Mary
photo by Shel Cowles
Pearkim Peachesncream
Pearkim Peaches'n'Cream (Esther)
new owners – Brian, Rebecca and family
photo by Shel Cowles

Pearkim Papina
Pearkim Papina (Ivy)
new owner – Jane, also involved as a PAT dog,
Pearkim Peach Melba
Pearkim Peachmelba (Melba)
new owner - Penny

Pearkim Prudince
Pearkim Prudince (Trudy)
new owner – Kareen and family
Pearkim Platina 
Ena - Pearkim Platina
new owner – Mike and Lesley

Pearkim Paradis
Pearkim Paradis (Patsy)
new owner – Mary
Harry - Weeping Willow's Hara Kiri at Pearkim
new owners - David & June
photo by Shel Cowles

Pearkim Pendleton (Vikki)
new owner – Jennifer
Pearkim Pinwinnie (Winnie)
new owner – Danielle & Patrice (Weeping Willow's)
photo by Shel Cowles