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IVY - Pearkim Papina

DOB: 06 / 03/ 2010

Pearkim Papina
photo by Shel Cowles

Ivy is DNA health tested (prcd-PRA Carrier ; FN Normal).

Ivy's new owner is Jane; Ivy is also now involved as a PAT dog


Ivy's Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Gt Grandparents Gt Gt Grandparents
Lapidary Rebel Rebel Bitcon Be My Guest Sh Ch Bitcon Troubador Mistfall Meddler
Sh Ch Bitcon Moonlight
Bitcon Dream Believer Shanaz Chancer
Bitcon Christmas Gem
Lapidary Calypso Sorbrook Bucks Fizz Lochdene Orpheus at Sorbrook
Sorbrook Airs and Graces
Lapidary Love Affair Sh Ch Glowhill Rob Roy
Glowhill Chanson D'Amour at Lapidary
Pearkim Paradis Dralla The Orange Maverick at Pearkim Marquell Moving Glance at Pearkim Sh Ch Glowhill Scrumpy Jack
Pearkim Proserpina at Marquell
Glowhill Gemini with Dralla Wiljana Ragamuffin
Glowhill Eternal Flame
Pearkim Pickmeup Freshet Fubar Squiresrook Scaramouche at Laicsyde
Charbonnel Sway'n'Stay
Pearkim Palatial Humbar Crackers with Pearkim
Pearkim Pennyroyale