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VIKKI  -  Pearkim Pendelton

Pearkim Pendleton

Pearkim Pendleton aka Vikki

DOB:  29 / 07/2012

New owner: Jennifer

Vikki decided the show ring wasn't the place for her to be and so I decided to train her for working, which she instantly took to and has competed at a couple of spaniel working assessments.

Vikki is observant and loves to go and investigate the hedgerows and some times retrieves any game she finds - from quail to rabbit – Vikki is keen to prove herself as a dual purpose cocker spaniel.

Vikki is prcd-PRA and FN Clear/Normal hereditarily by parentage.


Vikki's Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Gt Grandparents Gt Gt Grandparents
Lynwater Rising Glow at Ryallcourt Lynwater Seahaze Lynwater Solar Eclipse Lynwater Spruce
Lynwater Best Light
Lynwater Holly Time Lynwater Rising Sun
Lynwater Christmas Lilly
Lynwater Evening Glow Lynwater Spruce Butterburn Going on at Carmelfair
Lynwater Lotus Flower
Lynwater Best Light Lynwater Wild Thyme
Sh Ch Lynwater Dawn Shimmer
Pearkim Phyllis Marquell Moving Glance at Pearkim Sh Ch Glowhill Scrumpy Jack Sorbrook Bucks Fizz
Glowhill Miss Demeanour
Pearkim Proserpina at Marquell Avandora Ladykiller
Pearkim Prominence
Pearkim Pickmeup Freshet Fubar Squiresrook Scaramouche at Laicsyde
Charbonnel Sway'n'Stay
Pearkim Palatial Humbar Crackers with Pearkim
Pearkim Pennyroyale