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HENRI - Sh Ch Cachel Prince Charming of Pearkim JW

Dob 22/5/2015

Sh Ch Cachel Prince Charming of Pearkim

FN and prcd/PRA - Hereditarily clear by parentage
KC/BVA Gonioscopy - Unaffected

Henri was bred by Tina Beswick (Cachel) and came to live at Pearkim when he was 4months of age. Henri is a real charmer, he's a gentle boy who likes to show himself off in the ring, there's a lot to love about him. Henri has been consistently placed at Open and Championship shows, his most prestigious top winning accolades are Crufts 2016 - Best Puppy Dog ; Crufts 2017 Reserve Best Dog ; Best in Show at The Cocker Spaniel Club 2018.
Henri's crowning ShCh title was adorned on him at Darlington 2017 by Sheila Ewan (Craigdean), his previous CC's were awarded by Coral Morris (Riondel) and Glynis Goodwin.

Henri is available at stud, siring lovely type of puppies (both orange & blue roans), he is keen to prove his amorous ways with sensitivity to his approved cocker girls on their marital day


Henri's Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Gt Grandparents Gt Gt Grandparents
Pearkim Philanderer Craigdean Hanibel Fletcher Craigdean Axle Lynwater Spinning Top
Craigdean Izakokr
Glowstar Serial Thriller Sh Ch Lindridge Ticket to Ride (JW)
Lynwater Buttons at Glowstar
Pearkim Peachmelba Marquell Moving Glance at Pearkim Sh Ch Glowhill Scrumpy Jack
Pearkim Proserpina at Marquell
Kyna Pic a Chic for Pearkim Sh Ch Kyna Huckleberry Finn (JW)
Kyna Mustang Sally
Cachel Angel Falls Sh Ch Olibond Rember Me (JW) Olibond Peter Pan Terriles Toyoyama (JW)
Olibond Winnie Tate
Terriles Testarossa Manaca's Learn Life's Ropes at Charbonnel
Terriles Tallulah
Sh Ch Charbonnel Hide'n'Chic with Cachel Sh Ch Lindridge Ticket to Ride Sh Ch Lindridge Star Turn
Lindridge Satin Doll
Charbonnel Pinny'n'Pearls Sh Ch Terriles Tonuelo (JW)
Charbonnel Girls'n'Pearls (JW)